Well Showroom Event

Well Showroom Event

On Thursday 5th March, we hosted Martin Anderson, a 'Well' accredited professional to speak at our new Belfast showroom event

The International WELL Building Institute is leading the global movement to transform our buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive. WELL was launched in October 2014 and after 6 years of intensive research and development, the WELL Building Standard is now the premier standard for buildings. It’s now highly recognisable across the world, mainly in the US and UK.

WELL was developed by integrating scientific and medical research and literature on environmental health, behavioural factors, health outcomes and demographic risk factors that affect health with leading practices in building design, construction and management.

On Thursday 5th March, we hosted Martin Anderson from WELL Workplaces, a ‘Well’ accredited professional, who took a seminar in our Belfast showroom. Over 60 working professionals attended the seminar to listen to Martin share his knowledge on how standard should be incorporated into businesses and the benefit it can have on employees. On the day, there was tea & coffee and food provided along with a showroom challenge for a chance for all the guests to win a few prizes.

Martin is a supporter of agile and activity-based working, environmental standards, sustainability and biophilic design. His role is to support and guide those who are wishing to create a better environment for either themselves, their clients or even their employees. Martin shared with us some mind-blowing statistics, one being that we as humans, spend 90% of our time indoors and that buildings can have a detrimental effect on our health. It’s only in recent years that businesses are waking up to the fact that a cleaner working environment allows for healthier and highly motivated staff.

To get your building to a viable standard, it will require a lot of time and money, but Martin explained in detail the 10 areas you need to cover and how it almost guarantees success. The Ten areas consist of: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community.

Some of these areas may seem very vague too you all. However, after listening to Martin speak about these one by one, it left for a few startled faces. Some of the examples given by Martin, was about the major distraction thermal comfort can cause to workers. He explained about how being too warm or too cold at times can have its negatives. So, the suggestion was to create cooler and warmer areas around the workplace, where staff can move around. Also, he went on to talk about how no sound at all can have a negative effect on productivity.

A big thanks to Martin for giving us the time to share his thoughts and knowledge with us and for everyone who came along on the day!

Check out https://www.wellcertified.com/ for more information and advice on WELL.