The Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine

THE Overview

The new Wellcome-Wolfson Building, Centre for Experimental Medicine has the intension in attracting the best researchers throughout the world. This state of the art facility will reach out to the wider campus while encouraging interaction and collaboration through research teams. Working in partnership with the architect, and their provision of generic bio-medical science labs, had the intension of allowing the building to evolve to suit the changing requirements, numbers of lab spaces and support areas in the future.


Working with the contractor and interior designer, Alpha Office Furniture provided colourful, comfortable and sleek soft seating, and also helped plan the lab seating which allows room for more than 165 researchers. The ultimate goal was to achieve a stunning interior which would be just as beautiful as functional.


Common breakout areas, furnished with collaborative furniture for individual and group interaction.

Supply of modern contemporary cafe furniture which took on board the atrium birch detailing.

Localised breakout seating on each floor including meeting and greeting areas.

Various seating solutions for all the labs.

Supply of ancillary items including noticeboards and coat stands.

Partitioning and doors for staff meeting areas.

Floor covering throughout the open areas and meeting rooms.